Fares and pass cards

In order to use Metro, it is necessary to purchase one of the cards: One-Way, Transfer , SalvadorCARD and Metropasse. Every Metro station have ticket offices and ATMs to purchase One-Way and Transfer cards.

Metro public feed is set by the Government of the State of - R$ 4,10 (four reais and ten cents). A R$ 5.00 issuance fee is charged, which can be converted in trip credits by means of the card registration in a service booth.

Transfer fee from Metro to urban buses - R$ 4,90 (four reais and ninety cents).

Transfer fee from Metro to metropolitan buses - R$ 4,30 (four reais and thirty cents) + value of the variation of the metropolitan rate, if it exists.

Exclusive Metro fee: who wishes to used only Metro will pay R$ 4,10 (four reais and ten cents) by trip, which is Metro public fee.

One-Way Card:
The One-Way card provides one (1) Metro exclusive trip (no transfer to buses). This card can be purchased in any ticket office or vending machine at the station at Metro public fee value. In order to use Metro, the user must insert the One-Way Card in the slot in the turnstile, that will perform the release to enter the station.

Transfer Card:

The Transfer Card (Multiple-Trip) is a rechargeable card that can be use in Metro exclusive trips or in bus and transfer trips between Metro and bus.

Another Transfer Card advantage is that it can be Identified and thus, the user can block his/her card in case of loss or theft and have his/her credits reimbursed to the Card 2nd copy. In order to identify the Transfer Card, simply register it in any Service Booth, located in Lapa, Acesso Norte, Rodoviária and Aeroporto Stations.

The Transfer Card  can be purchased in any ticket office or vending machine by charging a R$ 5.00 value issuance fee. The fee is charged regardless of the recharge value.

As the card is purchased, it can be recharged in ATMs using cash or  Visa, Mastercard and Elo debit cards, or in ticket offices only in cash.

Purchase yours now in any Metro station!

In order to purchase or recharge CCR Metrô Bahia cards, you can go to the ticket offices or ATMs located in every Metro station.

In ticket office, the maximum change is R$ 50.00.

You can also purchase credits or cards with case or Visa, Mastercard and Elo debit cards. The payment form is accepted for recharge in ATMs and vending machines (pre-paid card purchase), located in every Metro station, without additional cost to the customer.

The credit is inserted immediately . The user can use debit card to recharge pre-set values of RR$ 2,00, R$ 3,70, R$ 4,00, R$ 8,00, R$ 10, R$20, R$ 50,00 and R$ 100,00 in ATMs, or to purchase pre-paid cards in vending machines.

ATMs (recharge) take R$ 5.00, R$ 10.00, R$20.00 and R$ 50.00 bills and do not give change. All the value inserted in the machine will be credited in the card.

In vending machines (for pre-paid card purchase), you can purchase One-Way cards (pre-paid at the value of R$3.70) or Transfer (pre-paid at the values of R$10.00, R$15.00 and R$20.00 + R$ 5.00 of card issuance fee). 



Transfer Types:

Metro - Urban bus| Urban bus - Metro | Urban bus - Metro – Urban bus

Metro - Metropolitan bus| Metropolitan bus - Metro | Urban bus - Metro – Metropolitan bus or vice-versa

Metro and transfer with city buses: Up to 2 hours to transfer to city buses.

Metro and transfer to metropolitan buses: metropolitan bus fee value. Up to 3 hours to transfer to metropolitan buses.

In case the trip started in Metro, the metropolitan fee difference will be debited in the metropolitan bus. When the trip starts in the metropolitan bus, of equal or same value, nothing else will be debited in the transfer with Metro.

For the transfer to work, it is essential to use the same transfer card, individually, in every trip section.

*Bus -Metro - Bus Transfer is not possible with two metropolitan buses. 

Users entitled to gratuity in Metro, by means of presenting passport or document valid in the Brazilian territory.

  • Elderly people over 65 years old.
  • Child up to five (5) years old with a responsible person (up to 6 years old not completed).